Why Londonteam?

We bring together London’s leading independently owned estate agents for your benefit. To sell your present home, find the next and move you there.

It’s the logical way to sell your home.

The Old Way Of
Selling Your Home

The Sole Agent Way

With the old way of selling your home, you would instruct one estate agent, at one office. That means you get the staff in one office trying to sell your home to buyers in contact with that office alone..

This estate agents fee will be something like 1.5%.

The Multi Agent Way

Of course, you could always instruct two rival estate agent firms, what is know in the trade as a “multi-agency” deal. Yet this means that the agent, who finally sells your home, will usually charge you a higher fee - more like 2% .. or more...plus VAT.

That is an extra £5000 on a £1m property…for the same service.

The Londonteam Way
Of Selling Your Home

With Londonteam, you still instruct one estate agent but instead of just that one office, you get multiple offices, across London, at no extra charge.

That’s a true multi-agent service, but for the same sole agency fee.

Unlike nearly every Estate Agent in London, we are linked with one single ‘cloud - based' software that enables us to search your next home as well.

Be Independent

We believe Independent agents are the best agents.

Londonteam includes some of the Capital's longest established, independently owned estate agencies, some trading for over 200 years.

Unlike our corporate competition, we have a long-standing investment in our areas. We mainly employ experienced staff that actually live in the area.

We believe that independent service gives you a more personal, bespoke service.

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